Couple mediation

Mediation to stay together.

Couple mediation is a process for partners who have difficulties but who would prefer to avoid separation. They are willing to face the problems, work on them in a constructive way.


All relationship have its ups and downs. If you experience a temporary break-down in communication or you have permanent disagreements or arguments with your partner but you are sure that together you can somehow sort them out, couple mediation might help you to stay together. Clearly, both partners must have the intention to work on the relationship. 

Mediation is for those who really want to change, who are not looking for someone to blame, but for the solution. If it is possible to clarify what led to the family conflict, it often turns out that there is still hope for the relationship to be restored. With the help of a mediator separated couples often find a way to get close to each other again. They are taught new communications skills, and they will be introduced to a conflict management tool. 

During mediation, conflicts can be resolved in the presence of a helpful, independent, trained professional. Each party can face their feelings and understand the feelings of their partner. Communication between the parties is improving, the balance is being re-established. Mediation is more efficient if the partners have the maturity to re-assess their beleifs and if they are willing to learn how to communicate better.  

Mediation starts with the parties requesting mediation from the mediator, agreeing on the date of the mediation meeting, the mediator's fee. During the preparatory discussions, the mediator understands the problem, learns about the parties and their motivations, explores the causes of the conflict, and maps out the possible range of compromise solutions. It is important to emphasize that the mediator is neutral and bound by confidentiality.

The duration of the mediation session is 1.5-2 hours, in the case of couple mediation usually several meetings are required. The mediator helps the parties to focus on the future, instead of the past, and to move continuously towards a compromise that is acceptable to both parties. The couple works to develop “rules of the game” for the rest of their lives, which they then follow.

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