Private international law

We don't stop at national borders.

We fall in love with foreigners, get married (or not) and relocate to an other country. We are buying things from abroad on the internet. We travel a lot and work at international companies. Whenever something goes wrong in such cases, the first question that arieses: which law is applicable? Legal matters do not stop at national borders so I do not, either.


International law is the part of civil law that deals with matters in which there is some international element. What is the applicable law if the parties in a contract live in different countries or if someone offers goods or services abroad? Or in family law matters, if the parents are of a different nationality and they break up? 

I will help you determine which state has jurisdiction in your case (which country's court shall be seized) and which is the applicable law. I will represent you during the recovery of your claim from abroad. My many years of experience in international law and European Union law as well as my professional qualifications in this field will ensure the efficiency of our efforts. If the involvement of a foreign legal representative is necessary, I will refer you to one of my European partner offices.

If you are a foreign citizen established in Hungary, I will help you to find your way around Hungarian legislation, I will represent you in connection with your private or corporate affairs, and I will draft the necessary bilingual documents for you. 

Taking legal actions in the EU

Citizens, goods, services and capital move freely within the European Union, and there are disputes that arise. The EU has the aim to simplify cross-border cases, and to make it easier to enforce a claim against a defendant in another Member State. If your claim against a person or company resident in the EU is uncontested by the defendant, start with the European Payment Order, which is a simplified procedure of the EU. If there is a statement of opposition of the defendant, and your claim is below EUR 5000, you can choose the small claims procedure. If you prefer litigation it will be the Brussels I Regulation that determines which Member State's courts have jurisdiction to hear civil and commercial disputes with an international element.

If you already have an enforceable judgement given by a court or authority in a Member State, you can initiate enforcement abroad, there is uniform European legislation on this as well.

European family law 

 If there are any international elements in the family matter, for example different nationalities, or habitual residences, European Union regulations apply to common property, marriage, parental responsibility and maintenance claims. It must first be determined which country has jurisdiction to deal with the case and which law applies. As a general rule, habitual residence is of great importance.

If the testator had assets in more than one Member State, only one Member State (the Member State of the testator's habitual residence) has to proceed with the estate, according to the European Succession Regulation. In such a case, the law of the Member State concerned shall apply, except if the testator has provided for the application of the law of his or her nationality. Should you have assets in more countries, it is highly recommended to get legal advice on inheritance issues. 

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Consumer rights

Has it ever happened to you that you were shopping online but did not get what you expected? The EU is working to make it easier to resolve disputes when buying from online stores by setting up an Online Dispute Resolution Platform. If you have a problem with a product or service you ordered online, you can click on the ODR website to complete a complaint form. The dispute resolution process takes place online, the platform also offers a translation service and is easy to manage. Through the platform, the dispute can be settled directly with the trader. If the parties are unable to reach an agreement, they can involve a dispute resolution body in resolving the problem, or they can choose the way of litigation.

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