Family law

Family Law is about you and your loved ones being safe.

Family law is about you and your family. Whether it is divorce, parental responsibility, pre-nups or other contracts concerning property, employment, your family business, or inheritance issues, I help you plan ahead to keep your family safe. 

In family issues, it's not just the law that matters. Human and family considerations, the best interests of the child come first. Clients are as much in need of emotional and practical support and guidance as they are of legal advice. 

With more than 13 years of experience in family law, a solution-oriented approach and an empathetic attitude, I help my clients conclude family law contracts that provide security, or I assist them navigating the difficulties of the breakdown of a relationship. 

I approach my role with a strong child-focus. When it comes to termination of a marriage or relationship where there are minor children, I always remind my clients that the court will only decide if the parents cannot come to an agreement. In other words, it is up to the parents to find the most acceptable solution for their family once they have separated. In the event of a dispute, I facilitate a settlement between the parties and, if this fails, I represent my client in court.


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Cross border family issues


Family law has become increasingly internationalised in recent years, with parents choosing to work abroad and international marriages and relationships becoming so common. 

It is advised to consult a lawyer who is familiar with international family law to assess how the best interest of the child can be served during relocation or divorce.

As a fellow member of the International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL) I am recognised by my peers as an experienced international family lawyer. I attend international family law conferences and seminars to stay informed about changes in family law across different jurisdictions. My participation in IAFL, UIA (International Association of Lawyers) ERA (Academy of European Law) or other events ensures direct access to cutting edge researches and top leaders in all sectors of family law globally. This academic activity is intertwined with my practice and I find it extremely inspiring to be involved in the development of family law. 

I edit the Hungarian page of the Careful Child Relocation website, contributing to the education on international child relocation and child abduction.

My practice mainly consists of jurisdictional issues, cohabitation/separation, divorce, child arrangement, international parenting plan, intenrational child abduction cases, alimony, property issues, enforcement of foreign orders, successions, and complex financial and matrimonial property disputes. I frequently advises on Hague Convention/child abduction/relocation issues and cross-border movement of children.

With ever-changing family relationships the role of family lawyers becomes more important. You may want to reach out for one when planning the expansion of your family business abroad (knowing that a good business plan involves succession planning.) When a relationship of dual nationality breaks down and the parties separate, complex issues come up, especially where there are minor children or assets of significant value. Another special question is whether the divorced parent can relocate with their child. Just to take a look at the European Union: although the principle of freedom of movement applies, a person with a minor child cannot enjoy this freedom without restrictions, because family law may impose conditions. If a parent has moved the child to another country, or if a parent is withholding the child in a country different from their habitual residence without the consent of the other parent, that is considered as child abduction. The Hague Convention on Child Abduction gives the left-behind parent the opportunity to ask the court for a return order. Some countries are not members of this treaty, so the return process may be more difficult.

When it comes to child abduction, time is precious, because child abduction can cause harm to the child as a result of the uncertainty of where they will live, the lack of contact with the other parent, and possibly as a result of a period of isolated living if the abducting parent wants to keep the child hidden or fears abduction by the other parent. The stress surrounding the proceedings may cause the parents to be less emotionally available to the child. The return procedure must be initiated within a very short period of time, otherwise the left-behind parent will be deemed to have finally accepted the move. Considering all circumstances, cross-border mediation may be appropriate, because it may be in the child's best interests that parents try to mediate the question of where and how he or she will live in the future. In such cases, specially trained mediators guide the parents, of course with the assistance of international family lawyers.

Jurisdiction in family-related legal matters shall adapt to the habitual residence of the child. Therefore, it may happen that a foreign court acts in the matter of children of Hungarian citizenship, or the Hungarian court makes decisions on the custody rights exercised over a child of foreign citizenship. If the involvement of a foreign lawyer is necessary, I will refer you to one of my international partner offices. 


Blended families 


With a divorce behind you, you may be more cautious in your next relationship, not only emotionally but also financially. I believe that awareness and knowledge of the laws in force will help you to make good decisions.
Moving in with your new partner has different legal consequences depending on whether your are married or in a de facto partnership. You obviously want to avoid harming the interests of children born from your previous relationship, and you may want to ensure the security of your loved ones in the event of your death. As these issues can be quite complex, get informed, and if necessary, draw up a contract or a will with the help of a lawyer to ensure that your interests are protected.  

I will help you with these matters:


  • pre-nups, marital and civil union contract
  • divorce proceedings
  • parental rights, custody of children, child maintenance
  • parenting plan, access to your children/visitation rights
  • migration, international child relocation 
  • international parenting plan
  • proceedings related to international child abduction according to the Hague Convention
  • life partner issues 
  • division of matrimonial property
  • international family law matters
  • conflict management, mediation, agreement in family matters


Family law from a different approach

I have been working with people on high conflict cases for many years. I've had to learn how to handle a conversation or situation that is anticipated to be contentious, how to deal with an activated situation before it escalates unnecessarily, how to contribute to the resolution of a dispute that has already occurred. So I soon realised that I had to keep educating myself. During my studies, I acquired a whole range of knowledge that is seemingly irrelevant to the day-to-day work of a lawyer, but is in fact key.

Over the years, I have expanded my knowledge about human and family relationships, the psychological aspects of family law, conflict management, dispute resolution and communication techniques, socially intelligent leadership techniques, and I looked deep into what may cause a family conflict. An insight into family constellation therapy and kinesiology enriched my perspective. I am introduced to the basic theoretical overview of the Somatic Experience (SE)™ model, the biological model developed by Peter Levine Phd for traumatic stress resolution. But my most valuable knowledge comes from horses. They teach me constantly about authenticity, assertiveness, creativity, conflict resolution and increasing body-mind awareness. 

There is a human side to law. For me, it's about seeing the persons, the family involved – seeing the bigger picture – not just a law case. 

In a legal proceeding parties argue for what they (think they) are entitled to, but if we shift toward interest based negotiations, we can discuss both parties’ individual interests, needs, goals and concerns.

With personal attention, more than 13 years of family law and mediation experience, I support you in a difficult family situation. Take the first step, schedule an appointment with me here >>

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