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Having previously worked in public administration and later at media companies, I have experience in the field of copyright and related rights, media and communications law from both the legislative and law enforcement sides.

Intellectual property rights are present in our everyday lives and in business. Copyright and industrial property rights need to be taken into account in the music industry, book publishing, clothing design, radio and television broadcasting, advertising, software, film production, theaters, design engineering, and in many other areas.

Every work is protected that is created with the intellectual activity of the author, if it also complies with the criteria of originality and individual. Whether you are the creator or you intend to use someone else's work, copyright law is something you must be familiar with. 

Marketing communication, which is so popular and unavoidable today, also requires copyright and media law knowledge. All companies face advertising law issues and problems. Advertising is an effective tool of corporate communication, it gives opportunity to introduce the company and its products to the costumers, but there are a lot of legal issues arising every day (copyright issues, such as the usage of photos and videos; reviewing advertisements and webpages from advertisement law aspect; data management related to promotions, reviewing game rules, advertisements of promotions, etc.)

You can contact me in the following matters regarding copyright and industrial property protection:

  • representation of authors and performers during the conclusion of contracts, before public authorities or in legal proceedings
  • legal issues related to computer programming (software)
  • representation of theaters, media content providers, authors in concluding contracts, before public authorities or in litigation
  • official administration required for media services
  • usage contracts
  • legal background of commercials, films, theatre performances 
  • reviewing promotions, advertisements, preparing game rules
  • legal management of business agreements relating to telecommunications services
  • complying with GDPR
  • legal representation in cases of infringing know-how
  • trademark issues
  • franchise agreements
  • design protection matters 

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