2024. February 7

Even in a video message, the child's opinion is accepted.

In January 2024, a court in Budapest receives the following letter: Dear Judge, we think everything will be fine. We are sending you a picture of Zsófi.

2024. February 1

Article 13 of Hague convention

Curia has pointed out: When a parent invokes Article 13 of the Hague Convention, the exceptional circumstances must relate to the child. It is not the specific circumstances of the abducting parent but those of the child that may justify an exceptional refusal of return.

2020. August 25

Hungarian couples living abroad

Plan ahead if you have cross-border family relationships, choose the applicable law to avoid future surprises.

2020. May 13

Mediation for couples breaking up

Sometimes we have to end a relationship while there is still some respect left for each other. Mediation is for those who beleive that a relationship that was once beautiful deserves a nice ending. 

2020. May 12

Employment law issues

We spend most of our lives working - it really doesn’t matter what the circumstances are. Naturally, there are changes, problems, legal issues that need to be addressed.

2020. May 6

Family law during the pandemic

Does the emergency imposed during the coronavirus pandemic or the exit restriction from 28 March 2020 change the exercise of parental responsibility rights?

2020. April 28

Business during coronavirus times

A short article about the new rules and what companies can do if they run into financial difficulties as a result of the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020. January 4

Enforcement of maintenance arrear

A parent has the financial responsibility and obligation to provide maintenance for the minor child and falling into arrears or failing to pay has several consequences.

2019. August 20

Couple mediation

Couple mediation is a process for partners who have difficulties but who would prefer to avoid separation. They are willing to face the problems, work on them in a constructive way.

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