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The human side of law

Anita is a trusted family law expert for Hungarian and international families. She combines top quality legal advice with empathy, genuine attention and clarity.




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Professional background. 

Anita has been working as a lawyer for 20 years with 17 of these years being qualified. She graduated in 2002 from the University of Pécs in Hungary. Anita worked as a trainee lawyer for three years as this is required as a pre-requisite for qualification within the Hungarian jurisdiction. Candidates then take the Hungarian Bar Exam and Anita passed this in 2005, when she obtained a European Union lawyer degree as well.

Anita worked in-house for companies, and then undertook a career change in 2010. At this point, she founded her own law office and directed her work towards private international law with a specialisation in family law.

With a special focus on cross-border cases, Anita has now been practising family law in Budapest for over 14 years.

With a niche practice in the field of international family disputes Anita founded "The Family Story" to realise her vision of providing family law services as well as practical and emotional support to those going through a challenging time.


Practice areas. 

Anita has extensive experience in all areas of family law, with particular expertise in drafting and negotiating parenting plans, pre- and post-nuptial agreements and financial settlements. Anita frequently advises on Hague Convention issues, child relocation & removal, and cross-border movements of children.

Recognised by her peers in international family law, Anita was invited to join the prestigious International Academy of Family Lawyers in 2023. She is the only female Hungarian Fellow of the Academy. Her past and future participation in various conferences and seminars shows that she is actively involved in the development of different areas of family law.

She strongly believes in a less adversarial approach to divorce. Not all cases need to be litigated and Anita aims to ensure that her clients do not go to court if they do not have to, but that if they do, the dispute is dealt with professionally. She is an advocate for clients in court proceedings at all levels of court in Hungary.

Anita has provided legal expert opinion to the courts of England and Wales and Australia on Hungarian law and the mechanism by which a parental order made by a British or Australian court can be recognised and enforced in Hungary.

Anita is registered in the National Register of Hungarian Mediators and has also completed training in cross-border family mediation.

Anita is a co-author of the Careful Child Relocation team, providing reliable information on how to ensure the best interests of the child during migration and divorce and she is a supporting member of Academy of European Law (ERA)


The human side of law.

Working with people in high-conflict cases Anita realised that she needed to keep learning. Driven by a curiosity about the psyche, she acquired a whole range of knowledge that may seem irrelevant to the day-to-day work of a lawyer, but is in fact key.

Over the years Anita has expanded her knowledge of human and family relationships, the psychological aspects of family law, conflict management, dispute resolution and communication techniques, socially intelligent leadership techniques, and she has delved deeply into the causes of family conflict. An insight into Family Constellation Therapy and Kinesiology enriched her perspective. She is introduced to the basic theoretical overview of the Somatic Experience (SE)™ model, the biological model for traumatic stress resolution developed by Peter Levine Phd. But her most valuable knowledge comes from the horses. They constantly teach her about authenticity, assertiveness, creativity, conflict resolution and increasing mind-body awareness.


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