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Mediation in business matters



Would you like to make an agreement with your business partner instead of an expensive proceeding which might take long years - but you seem not to be able to understand each other?


Is there a close connection between you and your business partner, so reaching an agreement and keeping the relationship for the future is important for you?


You would not feel comfortable disclosing the details of your conflict at court, so you would rather ask for the mediation of a neutral, impartial expert who is bound by the obligation of confidentiality?


Would you like to mend your relationship with your colleague, company partner, business partner or your boss?



In such situations,

business dispute resolution

is an efficient method


 Mediation >>  eliminates all the drawbacks of the difficult and rigid legal proceeding, while it has only advantages:

- extremely flexible

- has lower cost

- is completed extremely fast

- and provides the same result in terms of legal effect


If both parties intend to reach an agreement, choose mediation. In most economic matters this is a more reasonable choice, as it is cheaper, faster and more efficient than taking legal action.


Besides cost-efficiency there are some further advantages of mediation:


- In economic matters it is common that the parties having a long-term cooperation have close ties in spite of the dispute that arose between them, so the settlement of the dispute is not the only objective; the relationship also needs to be maintained for the future. The mediation procedure makes this possible, unlike a legal proceeding where one of the parties will necessarily lose. As a result, the communication and the business relationship are restored and continue in the future.


- The time factor (it does matter when the company receives its money) and efficiency (we may win the proceeding but the other party doesn’t pay) are extremely important.


- It is common in business life that parties would not be comfortable sharing certain aspects of their relationship in a court hearing. In this case, the fact that this confidential information doesn’t need to be shared with anyone but a neutral, impartial mediator who is bound by the obligation of confidentiality, and even with her only to an extent they are comfortable with, is an advantage.


- It is better to make an agreement today than a legal proceeding that may take years, and where the outcome is uncertain (in 95% of the cases neither of the parties can be sure of winning the case).


- It is better to make an agreement today, than a judgement in 2 years or 3 that parties cannot foresee in the present and may not want to or cannot execute. In mediation, nobody loses.




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