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About my mediator activity


Dr. Anita Vimláti


Mediation is for solution-oriented people who do not want to be stuck on a problem, instead willing to ask: What else is possible? What would work here for me and for the others?


Mediation is recommended: 


- in economic affairs, if there is a close merge of interests and business relationship between parties which they do not want to terminate

- between spouses or partners who are tied by the common child / children

- in case of a relationship crisis, if parties clearly intend to continue the relationship




In a legal proceeding the court decides according to the legislation in force. It may happen, though, that the judgement does not match the will and interest of the parties. Something that is legal can still be unfair or unrealistic. Or: the execution might be difficult when the judgement is finally made.


Mediation is a suitable way of preventing this. It is an alternative dispute settlement procedure, in which parties consider the judgment that the judge is likely to make, and in comparison, they work out what a good compromise might be, which can be made right now in a way that they all feel winners.


During the mediation, the parties involved are not looking for who is to blame.

It is not evidence that they collect, but solutions.


The jointly made agreement will certainly be fair, thus, it will be feasible and easy to execute for both parties.


Helping parties reach such an agreement in a legal dispute or conflict of interest is a real professional achievement for me.  




What is mediation? 


Fast, economical, peaceful conflict settlement, which has been available in Hungary as a legal possibility since 2003. More on mediation here >>


The advantages of mediation compared to the legal proceeding: fast, cheap and efficient.


Mediation eliminates all the drawbacks of the difficult and rigid legal proceeding, while it only has advantages:

- extremely flexible

- has lower cost

- is completed extremely fast

- and provides the same result in terms of legal effect


In what cases is it recommended to choose a mediation procedure?

In most conflicts, the interest of parties is not only settling the dispute, but also repairing the communication between them and maintaining the relationship for the future.


About my mediator activity


I obtained my mediator certificate at Umathum Mediator Academy, and I principally undertake mediation between parties in family, economic and labour law disputes:  


- Mediation in any kind of legal dispute or conflict of interest between employee and employer

- Mediation in family matters: child custody, right of access, divorce, separation of partners, termination of the community of matrimonial property.

- family matters with an international element (e.g. divorce or separation of a couple living abroad, child custody if parents live in different states, matters related to children taken illegally into a foreign country (abduction), disputes arising from the marriage or partnership of parties of different nationalities

- mediation in business life: conflicts between company co-owners, disputes between partner companies, settlement of debts through negotiation etc.



If you are not sure if you need mediation, call me without any commitment and we will discuss your case! You can also ask me questions in writing and I will tell you if choosing mediation is recommended in your case >>



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