Lawyer or mediator?

Lawyer or mediator?

This will depend on the type of case you have and the outcome that you are seeking. I can tell you the legal background of your problem and we can discuss what may happen in court. I show you the possible legal ways to get you the result you are asking for.

In contrast, as a mediator I do not give legal advice and does not represent you in a dispute. But I have the opportunity to steer the parties towards new perspectives as an outsider in the case, and I can encourage you to communicate with each other and to reach satisfactory and lasting agreements.

When you need a countersigned agreement, or in complex cases, such as family law matters where children are also involved or there is a significant common property, legal advocacy is essential. 

In other cases legal background might be useful but it soon turns out that the focus is on clarifying the clients' emotions and interests. In these situations empathy and psychological sense are important.


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In every conflict we have to see the persons involved, the human relationships among them. Law also has a human side but the fact is that we cannot always come to a solution with the means of law, sometimes there is a need to work in other areas in order to achieve real results. Alternative dispute resolution helps the parties to find what will work for them.

Mediation is a method in which we seek to resolve a conflict and we are working on a conscious level. In this context, a common question is whether mediation has anything to do with psychology. Please note that mediation is not a therapy. The goal of mediation is to help parties focus on a problem, talk about it, discuss possible solutions, and if they choose, reach a compromise. Analysis is the task of psychology, and if the cause of the conflict is due to a mental disorder, internal personal conflict, childhood grievances, or other similar causes, it may be necessary to involve a psychologist or other expert working with subconscious methods. 

There is also an option to hire both an attorney and a mediator, in which case the mediator helps you through the negotations and the attorney will give you information about your legal rights, advise you on your particular situation and she will review any agreement that may come out of mediation.

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