Family law

Family Law is about you and your loved ones being safe.

Family law is about you and your family. Whether it is divorce, parental responsibility, pre-nups or other contracts concerning the common property, employment, your family business, or inheritance issues, I help you to keep your family safe in all circumstances. 

In family issues law is not the only thing that counts. The human and family-related aspects, the best interest of the children need to be in the foreground. I am committed for my clients to find the best legal solutions to themselves and their family, which is viable even in the longer-term. I also help parties to keep on good terms and maintain good communication even in case of a separation.

On request of my clients, I also recommend an expert who provides aid to ease the stress and emotional burden that accompanies family problems.

When it comes to termination of a marriage or partnership where there are common children, I always draw my clients’ attention to the fact that the court will only make a decision if the parents cannot settle their dispute. This means the parents play a key role in finding the best solution for their family in the unfortunate situation of a separation.  

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With my extensive experience as a family lawyer, I help my clients to reach an agreement with a solution-oriented approach and empathic attitude, and if they fail to do so, I will represent them in the legal proceeding.


Cross border family issues


Nowadays parents often decide to get a job abroad, and international marriages and relationships are also common. While the parents are in agreement, usually there is no problem: moving to a foreign country or to their home country is the result of a joint decision. Disputes usually arise when the relationship breaks down and parties separate from each other.

Another complicated case is when a divorced parent intends to move abroad with the children. Although free movement applies in the European Union, those who have minor children cannot benefit from this right without restriction: one who intends to move abroad with their minor children needs to keep the family legislations in mind.


It is important to know that in family-related legal matters, if a decision needs to be made in connection with the common minor child, and the parents don't agree, the jurisdiction shall adapt to the habitual residence of the child. Therefore, it may happen that a foreign court acts in the matter of children of Hungarian citizenship, or the Hungarian court makes decisions on the custody rights exercised over a child of foreign citizenship.


In international family law matters I facilitate principally the agreement of parents. Failing that, I undertake their representation in the legal proceedings. My professional English skills allow me to help foreign clients as well.


Patchwork families


With a divorce behind us, we are more careful in our next relationship, not only from an emotional, but also from a financial point of view. I think being aware and getting familiar with the effective legislations is what will help us make good decisions in such cases.

Moving in together with your new partner has different legal effects in case of getting married than in case of living in a civil union. Undoubtedly, you want to avoid any damage to the interests of your children born from your previous relationship, and you surely want to ensure that your loved ones are safe in case you pass away. As these issues can be quite complicated, get informed, and if necessary, conclude a contract or draw up a will meeting your interests with the help of an attorney.

In family law matters you can contact me with the following cases:


  • pre-nups, marital and civil union contract
  • divorce proceedings
  • divorce proceedings by mutual agreement
  • access to your children/visitation rights
  • relocation with a child, designation of the regular place of residence of child
  • proceedings related to international child abduction according to the Hague Convention
  • parental rights, custody of children, child maintenance/schild support
  • life partner issues 
  • division of matrimonial property
  • international family law matters
  • conflict management, mediation, agreement in family matters


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