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We spend most of our lives working - it really doesn’t matter what the circumstances are. Naturally, there are changes, problems, legal issues that need to be addressed.


Counseling for employees

Changing your job? New contract? Conflicts between you and your employer? Bullying at work or other problems? I can help you as a lawyer or I can mediate. You can contact me in case of disputes related to wages and benefits, or if it is time for amending your employment contract. It is strongly recommended that you consult a lawyer before terminating your employment, no matter if it is you who resigns or it is your employer who initiates the termination of the contract. 

Many people find me saying "my employer wants to fire me by mutual agreement." In such cases, the first step is to understand why this sentence is incorrect. Most employees are not sure what are the certain ways to dismiss them: 

  • immediate termination is only possible in the event of a serious breach of contract
  • "normal" termination is subject to specific conditions laid down by law and is possible if there is a clear, reasonable and lawful explanation
  • the employment relationship can only be terminated by mututal agreement if it is the wish of the employee too. This is why it is called a "mutual agreement" - because it reflects the mutual will of both parties. If an employee does not wish to terminate their employment, they may say no to such an employer initiative. (You may want to consult a lawyer for details beforehand.)

Women's and mothers' rights

It is a frequent question what rights mothers have in their workplace and how they can return to work after taking care of their babies.

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I give special attention to this  topic, as my experience is that pregnant women and those raising young children have access to all information about the physical or mental aspects of pregnancy, childbirt and parenting, but they tend to have little or no access to informations that deal with a practical issue that affects all families: how to build a balance between work and family?

In my articles on this topic, I help you consciously plan your career and family life from the time of pregnancy to returning to work:

  • I present the legal environment affecting parents
  • I give practical advice for conscious family career planning
  • I provide an overview of the conditions for claiming benefits related to the birth of a child 

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Counseling for employers

If you run a business and have several employees, you will definitely need knowledge of employment law and HR. And if you’ve already recognized the importance of making your company an attractive workplace, keeping in mind that employees who feel good perform better, you might also be wondering what employer branding is. 

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I offer a full range of legal services to you and your company:

  • employment contracts, non-compete agreements, study contracts, confidentiality agreements
  • contracts for senior employees
  • preparation of internal regulations (use of company car, telephone, data protection, cafeteria regulations, code of conduct, occupational safety regulations, etc.)
  • GDPR compliant regulations, compliance of the entire HR process with GDPR
  • up-to-date information on changes in labor law rules
  • preparation of documents related to termination of employment (redundancies, agreements on termination of employment by mutual agreement)
  • reorganization, planning, preparation and implementation of collective redundancies - legal and administrative management of the entire process
  • resolving conflicts between employer and employee, even through mediation proceedings
  • litigation representation in labor disputes
  • full screening of the company from the point of view of labor law in order to map possible deficiencies and risks, develop company-specific solutions

It's nice when everything works lawful - but is that enough? I bet your goal is to keep your employees and maintain an efficient team in your company. 

It does matter what image the company develops as an employer. If you are a manager thinking out of the box, basic HR knowledge is also useful to make employee issues not just legal but also effective. People’s attitudes towards work and the labor market have changed significantly in recent years, and young people are once again bringing a fresh color to employment, so employers do better keep up with trends. We coordinate legal consulting with the activities of our HR consulting partner company, so as a result of our teamwork we offer manager coaching besides legal counseling, and we introduce you into the mysteries of employer branding if you wish. 

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