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Advocacy and compassion.

Nice to meet you here. My name is Anita Vimlati, I am member of the Budapest Bar Association, and I'm also a mediator. Please allow me to introduce myself.  


Professional legal advice personally for you.

I beleive that excellence is a choice. I have a solid knowledge in the field of civil law and I am constantly upgrading it, especially in Private International Law and in European Union law. You expect high quality legal services and an expert who pays close attention to you and your legal problem. For me, your case is a priority. My client relationships are marked with honor and respect and I am looking for the most optimal solution to your case. Corporate, family, employment, and real estate matters are in good hands with me. 


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Legal services without limits.  

Legal matters do not stop at national borders, so I do not, either. I represent you in international legal matters, in cross-border family cases, in private international law matters, in foreign corporate transactions. I provide a full range of legal services in English to my foreign clients. I provide counseling for Hungarians living abroad. If another EU state has jurisdiction in the matter, I will refer my client to my cooperating partner office abroad after the consultation.


Advising with a strategic approach. 

You are now looking for a solution to a specific problem. However, I approach the problem from a bird's eye view. This is how I can offer you innovative, tailor-made solutions  that will work in the long run. I assist you to achieve your personal and business goals. When counseling CEO-s, I first take a closer look at the company, I seek to get familiar with the business philosophy, strategy and objectives of my clients. I ensure comprehensive handling of the legal matters of the company. 


Alternative dispute resolution.

Conflicts arise. However, disputes can be costly to you, not only in a material sense but also in the potential damage to your reputation or to your family relationships. Alternative dispute resolution methods (such as conciliation, mediation, arbitration) can reduce costs and stress and you might be able to avoid litigation. Most of the disputes can be settled by a roundtable approach, so that in the end all parties feel like a winner. I facilitate this with my mediation experience. 


Professional background. 

I graduated in 2002 from the University of Pécs (Hungary) as a lawyer, and passed the bar exam 3 years later. I got a degree as a European Union lawyer in 2005 and I never stop expanding my knowledge. The most recent training I attended was a course in private international law organized by the Academy of European Law (ERA) on the application of the latest EU directives and on the proceedings before European bodies. I obtained a mediation qualification in 2013, and since then I have also been a mediator registrated by the Ministry of Justice.

After graduation, I worked as a candidate attorney and then as a legal advisor, but I also gained experience in public administration. I am a sole practitioner for more than 10 years now being a member of the Budapest Bar Association. I specialise on corporate counseling and family law issues. I handle corporate affairs for smaller and larger businesses and I assist clients in all matters related to Family Law, including divorce, child custody, maintenance, division of family assets, pre-nups and other financial contracts. I'm also involved in advising clients on international family law cases and child protection. I am passionate about my work and excellence is my choice. 


Anita Vimlati

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