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Anita Vimlati 

attorney and mediator


anita kapcsHigh quality legal services in Budapest to local and international clients, with special focus on corporatecounseling, family law, employment law, real estate issues, and dispute resolution. Also a mediator infamily law and business law cases.


As an attorney and a mediator I represent the values of the lawyer’s profession with the traditions and high standards in mind but with a significant change of approach. I offer personalized services, looking for the most advantageous solution for all parties involved. A holistic approach and respectful relationships with my clients are my guiding principles. By occasionally using alternative dispute settlement methods as well, I help the parties to reach an agreement which is not only legal but also fair and easy to meet for everyone involved.


Providing legal representation to a company is a position of trust. For the sake of an efficient cooperation, I establish a close personal contact with the leaders of the company and I seek to get familiar with the business philosophy, strategy and objectives of my clients, which allows me to give useful advice when they are making preparations for a business decision.


When providing legal assistance to a company, I keep in mind that my clients need viable solutions and I also ensure the complex management of the legal processes of the company (daily legal support and counsel to the management, standardized contracting practice, comprehensive management of legal affairs, minimization of the legal risks related to the course of the business, business mediation etc.)



My strengths:
> Up-to-date knowledge
> Global and creative perspective, strategic approach
> Client relationships marked with honor and respect
> Result oriented, quality services
> Extremely strong negotiating skills
> Commitment to exceed my client’s expectations
> Leadership and project management experience

> Legal services in English


Fields of practice:

- Company Law, Corporate Counseling

- Proficiency in family matters (cross border and international family law cases as well)
- Dispute resolution in business and in family (mediation.)





  • Company Law (foundation of a company, its subsidiaries, branches or commercial representation offices, counseling on the daily operation, modifications in the articles of association)
  • Corporate Counseling: daily legal support and counsel to the management, representation in business and commercial disputes, researching and evaluating the risk factors regarding business decisions and operations, drafting commercial agreements, contracts and other legal documents etc.)
  • Proficiency in family matters (contracts of marriage/domestic partnership, termination of relationships/divorce, child custody, visitation rights, division of marital property, child abduction, international family law cases) and dispute resolution (mediation.)
  • Mediation in family law and business law issues
    Keeping in mind the interest of my clients, I do my best to find an amicable and fair out-of-court solution to family law or business disputes. However, if it is inevitable, I effectively represent my clients’ interests in civil litigation matters.

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