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Company law


One of the main pillars of our activities is managing the legal matters of economic companies


Requirements of my clients:

- legal support for the achievement of their business objectives

- fast and efficient legal solutions to the issues arising from the operation of the company


Services to be provided in the field of company law:

- foundation of companies

establishment of subsidiairies, commercial presence, branches

- modification of contracts of partnership

- termination of economic companies with or without legal successor, transformation, liquidation etc. – full legal representation of economic companies

- participation in the preparation process of business decisions and legal support

- legal support for the management

- management of legal problems arising from the course of business

economic mediation >>

- editing and countersigning documents

- Development of a contract system in relation to the course of business of the company


Providing legal representation to a company is a position of trust. For the sake of an efficient cooperation, I establish a close personal contact with the leaders of the company and I seek to get familiar with the business philosophy, strategy and objectives of my clients, which allows me to give useful advice when they are making preparations for a business decision.





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